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On The Go

In a fast-changing world, our thinking and our learning often follow the same quick pace. This is what this new category is about: short, to the point and snappy content.

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April 2018

Money Laundering: Important new decision of the Swiss Federal Tribunal

By |6 April 2018|

In a new decision dated 16 March 2018 (6B_453/2017), the Swiss Federal Tribunal found that a money transfer abroad may only constitute money laundering if the financial transaction is likely to thwart forfeiture of the assets abroad.

This judgement takes a restrictive approach. In particular, the Swiss Federal Tribunal did not follow an important part of the doctrine, who considers that a transfer abroad always constitutes money laundering, even when there is still paper trail.

For a direct link to the decision: click here.

January 2018

The Future of Law Firms – #006

By |23 January 2018|

A majority of large clients report the lack of uniformity in performing and delivering legal services stops them from giving their law firms any new work or work in a new area. In other words, learn how to deliver a world-class performance uniformly across the firm to have a significant advantage.

August 2017

The Future of Law Firms – #005

By |21 August 2017|

1. “The most impactful thing […] that we’ve done to promote collaboration is we’ve really emphasized the importance of people sharing credit for business.”

2. “I’d much rather tell a client, “We just don’t cover that area, but we know someone good at it at another firm and here’s their number,” than to try to take something on and be the soup-to-nuts, cover-everything firm.”

The Future of Law Firms – #004

By |11 August 2017|

1. “High-performing [law firms] CEOs do not necessarily stand out for making great decisions all the time; rather, they stand out for being more decisive.”

2. “They make decisions earlier, faster, and with great conviction.”

July 2017

The Future of Law Firms – #003

By |20 July 2017|

1.”Hourly billing at best leads to inefficient practices, at worst it rewards and incentivises inefficiency.”

2. “Law firms have become more proficient in developing and working under project budgets and in responding to client demands for alternative fee arrangements (without reference to hourly based billing rates).”

The Future of Law Firms – #002

By |17 July 2017|

1. “Don’t try to protect the past.”

2. “Growth and comfort never coexist. If you’re not nervous about something, it means you’re not learning.”

The Future of Law Firms – #001

By |11 July 2017|

1. “Hierarchies are replaced by a “best-idea-wins” culture.”

2. “Lawyers of the future will help firms to re-invent their governance structures in order to be more open and inclusive.”