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Patient Rights & Public Health

19 February 2018|Announcements|

Our senior associate Sara Dousset has successfully passed the examination for the Certificate of Advanced Studies Patient Rights and Public Health as part of the Master of Advanced Studies in Health Law, at the [...]

CAS Inhouse Counsel

19 January 2018|Announcements|

Our senior associate Nurith Cohen has successfully concluded the CAS Inhouse Counsel 2017 (Law Faculty of the University of Zurich and Europa Institut at the University of Zurich). Our [...]

Smart Contracts, simply explained

14 July 2017|Key Insights|

“Smart Contracts” are among the most interesting and promising uses of the blockchain technology (see Blockchain simply explained). A smart contract is actually neither a “contract” nor “smart”. It is a digital application that [...]

Blockchain, simply explained.

27 April 2017|Key Insights|

Blockchain is one of the symbols of the digitalisation era we live in. Blockchain, as other new technologies, is viewed as disruptive for existing business models and will likely impact our society in various [...]

The Way We Work

28 March 2017|Categories: Horizons|

We believe that in order to bring top quality services and innovation to our clients, we must keep iterating on the way we work internally. As a young firm, we have had the opportunity [...]