Information aux médias – MITC Mobility SA

MANGEAT has been appointed by MITC Mobility SA (a transportation company employing over 450 drivers) to ensure its defence in its dispute with the Cantonal Employment Office of Geneva.

As a key partner of Uber, our client wants to use a specific on-call employment contract (contrat de travail sur appel improprement dit), which is recognized by Swiss law, compliant with legal requirements and protects its drivers.

On Tuesday, January 31st, the RTS aired a segment on its radio show “Forum” and at 7:30 PM, regarding the legal dispute between MITC Mobility and the Geneva Cantonal Employment Office (OCE).

This information was picked up by Keystone ATS and distributed to news outlets. Some of the information presented was truncated or erroneous, therefore, a reminder of the facts is necessary to ensure a proper understanding of the situation. Since then, these media outlets have corrected the web version of their segment.

Read MITC Mobility SA Press release