“We represent private and public-sector oil, gas, petrochemical and renewables industry actors.”

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We offer them efficient and innovative solutions to help them face the different regulatory and structural challenges they face, so that they may reach their goals and implement their strategies safely.

We benefit from our multi-disciplinary team and the experience they have in the leading practices concerned in this field.

We are prepared to assist and represent international power or oil and gas companies, major financial institutions, major Swiss utilities and government controlled bodies.

“Major actors in the fast-paced consumer goods industry require dynamic and innovative legal assistance and guidance that will help them stay on top of their strategies and goals.”

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Brand loyalty and differential pricing pressures, digital presence, safety and compliance issues, among many others, have become important issues for companies. We assist businesses, big or small, in an array of fields from contract management, dispute resolution, brand management and financings, to regulatory matters.

We help them anticipate and stay up to date on legal issues so that they can focus on what matters most to them.

“Swiss banks, asset or fund management firms, insurance companies and other financial service providers are locally implanted but play a vital role in the global financial industry.”

As regulatory environments and economic uncertainties evolve, these institutions are faced with a wide range of legal challenges in their local and international markets.

Born in Geneva, our firm offers support in all business matters financial institutions are involved in including regulatory advice, disputes and investigations, transactions and more.

Practices in the financial industry are one of our core industry focus and we work hand in hand with our clients to offer innovative and resourceful solutions that will help them protect their interest, reputation and assets, and allow them to pursue their strategic objectives.

“The manufacturing sector plays a key role in the Swiss economy.”

In the constant pursuit to achieve their growth targets and business objectives, manufacturing and industrial companies are confronted with challenges such as the continuously changing compliance environment or the external pressure on profit margins. Expanding, divesting or forming a new business entity are among projects that require expert legal assistance.

Our clients benefit from our knowledge and understanding of specific sectors and our cross-practice collaboration. We represent clients across all main legal areas, including mergers and acquisitions, shareholder issues, finance and commercial law, competition and more.

We also assist private clients, families and entrepreneurs, constantly remaining aware of fluctuating economic cycles and market movements in the rapidly changing industry.

“The constant evolution of technology implies a parallel evolution in media. The way content is created, distributed and digested is constantly transforming and accelerating.”

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We understand the legal issues that arise in a digitally connected world and how to join traditional distribution and online-based services.

We provide advice on issues regarding content distribution via all distribution channels (cable, satellite, broadcast, etc.) in the media and entertainment sectors.

We advise clients in regards to contracting, relationships with consumers and users, advertising and sponsoring, content regulation, social media and regulatory matters among others and are often brought to represent clients before Swiss regulatory authorities and courts.

“Switzerland is host to some of the major pharmaceutical and healthcare actors in the world.”

These companies constantly face a variety of challenges including intellectual property matters, evolving government regulation, contractual issues, competition and advertising law, to name a few.

We help defend branded and generic pharmaceutical firms against the aggressive competition and legal challenges that ensue.

Being locally implanted ensures us that the knowledge and understanding of our clients’ business and sector runs as deep as the long-standing connections we seek to maintain. Therefore, we require our specialists to fully consider and comprehend the financial implications, risk tolerance and the specific environment in which our clients operate.

“Private Equity plays a prominent role in the professional landscape we all operate in.”

With the complexity and amount of time needed for private equity transactions intensifying, deals can be increasingly broken.

The role of legal advisors and assistants has become essential in this field. Experience, speed and a readiness to innovate have become some of the most important attributes.

Our clients range from start-up business to larger international market players, and the complementarity within our practices such as commercial contracts, corporate, employment and real estate enable us to respond to their needs and concerns.

We advise our clients from the structuring bids, the negotiations and drafting of acquisition agreements and offer guidance through the entire transaction process and beyond (i.e. including implementation and post-transaction structure and organisation).

We understand the private equity world and are experienced at all levels of the capital structure. Our team is a highly integrated and multi-disciplinary collaboration of lawyers who focus on return and know-how to deliver results.

“The fast-changing needs of property users and investors have provoked an evolution in the global real estate industry.”

Investors come from different investment areas and bring newer, fresher ideas that require differentiated treatment. The development of property is continuously changing landscapes and skylines in both mature and developing economies.

We act for private and public companies, and our main work areas include real estate development, finance and securitisation, sale and lease back transactions, environmental matters, permits for acquisitions of real estate and second home related aspects.

We also advise clients on matters regarding the environment on the treatment of waste, usage of energies or how to deal with hazardous waste or contaminated properties.

“The modern advancement and growth of the technology industry requires a modern team of legal specialists in accordance with our time.”

Even before launching, clients need to collaborate with lawyers that share the dynamic and passionate world of technology and have the determination to take on the legal challenges that ground-breaking innovation presents.

Our lawyers deliver an innovative approach in advising concerned areas such as transactions, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, anti-trust and competition, litigation and financing.

Our strength comes from our ability to integrate different specialists across practice areas to anticipate and overcome the challenges that arise. Our experience in technology transactions, intellectual property, strategic sourcing, capital markets, dispute resolution and other concerned areas certifies that we are able to consistently provide our clients with qualitative results.


“Our team brings the progressive and innovative approach needed to respond to the ever-changing financial market environment.”

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Clients have no choice but to understand and act according to a complicated legal landscape that is in continuous renovation.

In order to face the evolving market norms and the different challenges that arise with issues such as differences in market conventions, competing bankruptcy and restructuring regimes, among other matters, seeking modern and skilled legal counsel can be the difference when closing a deal.

We pride ourselves in our ability to navigate the complex and constantly shifting international market while always providing local presence and insight.

We advise on a wide range of financial products and transactions.

We apply our knowledge and experience to create innovative solutions for our clients.

We aim to shape the market through the advice we provide and focus on constantly being up to date with regulatory authorities, governments and government agencies. As such, our goal is to offer our clients direct insight into the financial markets, allowing them to anticipate issues, manage the risks and succeed in their undertakings.

As well as planning and conducting internal investigations in a regulatory context, we are sought after to represent clients before authorities and courts.

“We combine strategic understanding, commercial and pragmatic approach, in-depth technical knowledge and industry sector expertise to ensure that your activities are soundly and securely based.”

From start-up businesses to larger international market players, from incorporation of a small company to (re-)organisation of groups of companies, from daily operations to mergers and acquisitions: throughout all stages of the business, corporate and commercial concerns must be efficiently addressed.

Part of our mission is to anticipate the main risks our clients may face in order to mitigate them and to avoid disputes whenever possible.

We provide creative, customised and cost-effective services in organisational matters and transactions taking place in the specific industries our clients operate in. On the corporate side, this includes corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, corporate reorganisations, secretarial services, financing, intra-group transactions, shareholders agreements, treasury operations. On the commercial side, this includes negotiating, drafting and reviewing commercial contracts for domestic and cross-border transactions, such as joint ventures, share and asset deals, distribution, licence, manufacturing and supply, services and consultancy, outsourcing, general terms and conditions.

Our team cooperates seamlessly with other practices and specialists to ensure all our clients’ corporate and commercial legal needs are taken care of with a one-stop shop approach.

“From the beginning of a dispute through to its resolution, we support our clients in making well-informed decisions.”

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In recent years, the demand for risk management and dispute advice has seen essential changes.

Commercial disputes have become more difficult to navigate. From complex cross-border transactions to expanding international businesses or changing regulatory requirements, the stakes are often high and clients are faced with a wide array of legal challenges. Inevitably, organisations and individuals seek to significantly reduce their risk.

Our team helps clients implement measures to avoid that they become involved in disputes, whenever possible. In the event of a dispute, we ensure that our clients are furnished with the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to reach a swift and prosperous resolution.

Our work is based on a full consideration of our clients’ needs. From complex litigation cases to routine matters, the combination of experts from different practice areas ensures we deliver results to our best while always keeping our clients at heart.

We aim to offer creative solutions that are both practical and commercial in order to resolve disputes.

We offer a seamless service that resourcefully combines proven expertise and a fundamental understanding of commercial and corporate dispute with the creativity and passion needed to deliver results. Our objective is to help our clients come to a close in a cost-effective but efficient manner.

“From global businesses to smaller enterprises, we offer custom-made employment solutions that will specifically respond to our clients’ demands.”

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Companies, boards of directors, individual executives and management teams are under growing pressure. The legal requirements companies are demanded to comply with are rapidly changing and HR related issues have gained importance throughout the years. It has become essential for companies to be up to date with employment, compensation and benefits-related issues or any other development in employment law and what they mean for a specific business.

We strive to give clients an individual treatment combining skills from different practice areas that cover employment law, including corporate, contract and dispute resolution with our experience in both private employment and public labour law to offer custom-made solutions that will best meet their needs.

We intend to be at the forefront of market practice and industry trends so as to offer insights on legal and regulatory developments as they occur.

Whether it is executive compensation, incentives, disputes, employee relations, restructuring, pensions or immigration, we understand how important it is to keep on top of the risks or opportunities that result from changes in the law.

Therefore, we identify and anticipate legislative proposals that may be important to our clients’ business.

As well as our legal knowledge and experience, we focus on bringing an innovative approach, strategic thinking and an essential collaboration from specialists of different areas in order to carefully propose the best solution possible.

“We believe that the increasingly aggressive regulatory supervision in the financial services industry demands an equally determined and focused representation.”

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In recent years, white-collar crimes ranging from bribery and money laundering to securities violations or fraud have all been drawing more attention. Prosecutors and regulators are targeting businesses and companies around the world more than ever. Unsurprisingly, the compliance requirements and regulations are tighter than ever before and the risk of failing anti-bribery and corruption legislations has grown accordingly.
Countries actively pursue the regulation of financial behaviour beyond their borders, leading to the cooperation between law enforcement and regulatory bodies around the world. The use of invasive regulatory authorities and criminal legislation, as well as the weight that these sanctions suggest, have seen an increase.

In such a high-growth market, it is essential to anticipate and manage the risks beforehand in order to keep a top of the line reputation.

Our main concern is an irreproachable understanding of the priorities and objectives set in place by the prosecution authorities. This way, we efficiently help our clients develop their risk assessments, compliance reviews and programs, in such a way that they may anticipate and manage the risks involved.

We offer clients an important coordination among the different practice areas required in order to properly address our clients’  needs and concerns. Our dedication, experience and knowledge in fraud and white-collar crime law help us handle the increasingly complicated rules and challenges that arise.

As well as assisting clients in the development of compliance programs, codes of conduct and whistleblowing programs, we represent and assist our clients in the turmoil of investigations lead by public prosecutors.

“The fast-changing needs of property users and investors has provoked an evolution in the global real estate industry.”

Investors come from different investment areas and bring newer, fresher ideas that require differentiated treatment. The development of property is continuously changing landscapes and skylines in either mature or developing economies.

We act for private and public companies, pension funds, investment banks or financial institutions, developers and others.

Our main work areas include real estate development, finance and securitization, sale and leaseback transactions, environmental matters, permits for acquisitions of real estate and second home related aspects.

We also advise clients on matters regarding the environment on the treatment of waste, usage of energies or how to deal with hazardous waste or contaminated properties.