Data Protection

A challenging and evolving environment in which the rights of data subjects are prioritised.

A challenging area

Data protection is a challenging area for most companies: in particular when they are processing a large amount of data from Swiss and foreign sources (e.g. clients, service providers, suppliers, contractors, and employees), and transferring data outside Switzerland.

The new technologies and businesses created around personal data processing have increased the need to strengthen the protection of data subjects and sensitive data, and to scrutinise the collection, processing and use of personal data. The adoption of new rules and regulations worldwide, in particular in the EU and Switzerland, makes data protection an even more challenging field.

Our Team

Our Data Protection team has expertise in both the Swiss and the EU rules and regulations.

Together with specialists in complementary practice areas, we provide legal advice to companies; review contracts, general terms and conditions and employment agreements; and provide customised and cost-effective assistance in the drafting of internal documents and guidelines, the implementation of adequate processes and the training of employees.

We also assist clients in HR, outsourcing, internal investigations and litigation matters that involve data protection.

Our experience includes:​

  • Reviewing Swiss data protection issues relating to the CCTV monitoring of a private property.
  • Advising a leading energy company in relation to the monitoring of employees’ emails and reviewing the company’s email and Internet policy.
  • Advising a multinational company on the possibility of accessing emails of a former employee for specific reasons (and the limitations to such access).
  • Assisting a Swiss big data company in the assessment of the implications of the GDPR on contemplated profiling activities involving pseudonymised data.
  • Advising various Swiss financial institutions on the applicability of the GDPR.

Your Key Contact: Laurence Crittin

Laurence Crittin is a Counsel at MANGEAT.

She regularly advises and represents before courts companies and individuals in her areas of expertise. She managed cases in relation to terminations of employment, mass dismissals, restructuring of group of companies (including due diligence processes), non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, immigration law, work permits, cross-border workers, private placement services and hiring of services, and social charges.

She also advised on companies’ personnel policies, employment agreements, HR practices (including data protection related issues).

Contact her at:

Laurence Crittin