Information aux médias – MITC Mobility SA

MANGEAT is pleased to announce a new victory at the Court of Justice of Geneva regarding the legal dispute between MITC Mobility SA and the Geneva Cantonal Employment Office (OCE).

The case revolves around the question of whether VTC drivers can be fully employed by our client using a specific type of on-call employment contract (contrat de travail sur appel improprement dit), which is recognized by Swiss law, complies with legal requirements, and protects its drivers.

The Court has ruled in favor of maintaining MITC MOBILITY SA’s business activities, noting that the workers’ interests must be safeguarded while the proceedings are ongoing. This decision constitutes a promising development in the resolution of a complex legal issue, which will undeniably shape the forthcoming law for the transport industry.

Joël Chevallaz, our partner in charge of the case with Laurence Crittin, counsel, and Dilara Bayrak, trainee lawyer, declared: “The Court acknowledges the drivers’ interests by emphasizing their central standing in this matter.“

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