We believe that in order to bring top quality services and innovation to our clients, we must keep iterating on the way we work internally. As a young firm, we have had the opportunity to design a new work environment and to define the right culture to support our objectives.

Quality of Work

Having the clear objective to rank within five years among the top ten firms in Switzerland, not only according to our clients but to our peers, we need to make sure that our results always meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Principle 1 – No Shortcuts

We aim for irreproachable daily work in terms of quality. This includes delegation, supervision and feedback.

Principle 2 – Circulation of Mandates

We make sure that the best fitted team is in charge.

Principle 3 – Specialisation

Our work allocation, for both partners and associates, helps us build the right team of experts for every mandate.

Principle 4 – No Risky Activities

We protect both our clients and ourselves by the exclusion of non-typical lawyer activities.

Management & Work Environment

Principle 5 – Trust

Teamwork is a key component of our approach. We believe that by putting trust at the core of our culture allows to maintain both agility and outstanding results.

Principle 6 – Role Models

Through an inspiring and consistent behaviour.

Principle 7 – Self Management in a more Horizontal Organisation

We borrow from and experiment with innovative concepts, such as holacracy, when and where it makes the most sense.

 Principle 8 – Light Administration

We aim to execute in a fast and agile manner, keeping administration light and allowing information to flow within our team at all times.

Principle 9 – Premises in line with our objectives

We keep investing in top quality premises. The aim is not only to offer a beautifully designed work environment to our clients and team, but also to make sure we have spaces that facilitate collaboration and encourage informal gatherings.

Always think ahead and offer modern solutions

We aim to be at the forefront of the legal profession. We are not afraid to push boundaries and challenge existing thinking.

Principle 10 – Permanent Team-Oriented Approach

Each individual mandate is taken into consideration as a group project. Our experience in project management goes beyond legal expertise.

Principle 11 – Continuous Education and Training

We value and give the highest importance to continuous education and training for each of our team member.

Principle 12 – Flexibility

We believe that agility is also a mindset. We aim to match our employees willingness to change their habits and to challenge the status quo with the same flexibility in terms of self management, delegation and career opportunities.

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Grégoire Mangeat

Grégoire Mangeat is one of the founders of MANGEAT and Former Chairman of the Geneva Bar Association (2016-2018). He is recommended by Legal 500 and a ranked lawyer by Chambers and Partners.

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Fabien Aepli

Fabien Aepli is cofounder of Mangeat Attorneys at Law LLC and specialises in advising financial institutions (including banks, independent asset managers and distributors of collective investment schemes) on asset management matters and contracts, organisational rules, directives or processes, including when dealing with regulators (e.g. FINMA).

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Joël Chevallaz

Joël Chevallaz is a member of the Geneva Bar Association and of the Geneva Business Law Association. He is one of the founders of Mangeat Attorneys at Law LLC. His main practice areas are Real Estate, Corporate Law, Consultation, Restructuring and Insolvency.

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