Continuous education in Health Law

We are happy to announce that after her success in the CAS Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Law, our senior associate Sara Dousset will continue to deepen her expertise in Health Law with the CAS Patient Rights and Public Health.

We are pleased to announce that our senior associate Sara Dousset successfully passed the examination of the CAS Pharamaceutical and Biotechnology Law.

“As part of Health Law, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Law plays an important role and requires understanding the whole industry and its legal framework. In this program I got to better know the industry players and the supervisory authorities’ practices, as well as all the latest reforms such as Foodstuffs and Utility Articles Law.”  (Sara Dousset, Senior Associate)

Principle 11: Continous Education

As previously stated in our article “The Way We Work”, we value and give the highest importance to continuous education and training for each of our team member.

To further deepen her knowledge in the filed, Sara is now focusing on the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Patient Rights and Public Health.

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