On Our Minds – Episode 1 – Synergies

Our Counsel and Operations Director, My-Hué Tan, was interviewed by the association Breaking.Through. In the following excerpts, she reflects upon the launch of two new practices at MANGEAT: Risk Management & Compliance and General Counsel Desk.

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Risk Management & Compliance

When My-Hué Tan joined MANGEAT in 2020, our firm already had several well-established practices with seasoned partners and associates. She quickly identified synergy opportunities of complementing the existing strong practice of Financial Crime and Investigations led by Grégoire Mangeat with a risk management and compliance practice.

This new practice is leveraging on her multinational and operational experience at companies:

“I advise clients how to proactively and adequately plan and mitigate diverse types of risk whether they are industrial, ethical, labour relations or corporate governance related to name a few. Handling cross-functional or multi-jurisdictional projects, including post-acquisition integrations, is one of my favourites.”

General Counsel Desk

With the General Counsel Desk, we created a unique hybrid advisory practice. We can step in for family businesses or other small businesses, which do not have a general counsel or a legal department to bridge a temporary lack of resources or a needed competency for a high profile project.

The General Counsel Desk also advises on the “People” side for example by mapping out the legal competencies, creating or redesigning a legal department.

“Sometimes sole practitioners, who are general counsels in a company, do not have the managerial experience, or do not know how to set up and lead a legal department. My previous legal leadership roles enable me to share tangible experience. I counsel our clients on legal department management, legal operations and accompany them in considering attracting, motivating, developing and retaining their talents.”
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