On Our Minds – Episode 2 – Culture & Diversity

Our Counsel and Operations Director, My-Hué Tan, was interviewed by the association Breaking.Through.
In this second episode of On Our Minds, we highlight some excerpts where she shares her thoughts on culture, diversity and inclusion.

Building upon her international experience

At Eaton, where she worked for 11 years, My-Hué handled several post-acquisition integration and divestiture projects; be it in France, Spain, Italy, Germany or Turkey. All were very different business wise and culturally.

“The Turkish integration projects taught me a great deal about humility and patience, as well as resourcefulness. The Turkish culture is different from our European one but to some extent, there are cultural similarities with Asian culture, such as hospitality and the respect towards seniors”

Making diversity & inclusion a priority

As an Operations Director, My-Hué Tan oversees the firm’s operations such as client care, business development, marketing, technologies, and people. Our “People” pillar entails the challenges of attracting, developing and retaining a diverse pool of talents.

“It is too easy to turn a blind eye on our societal changes. We need to evolve swiftly and adjust in the way we practice law: the work-life-balance becomes much more important, diversity be it gender, cultural, sexual orientation, religious or ways of thinking are increasingly hitting the radars of firms’ management.”
“To make a difference, we have changed the recruitment process from its inception and take in the 360 degrees of what defines a person. Having strong legal skills is not sufficient, we weigh soft skills carefully and assess the potential of each candidate and whether he or she shares our firm’s values and ambitions. If, for example, a candidate does not respect women in leading positions or other cultures it would be a misfit for our firm, since we stand for inclusion and diversity.”
Read My-Hué's full interview

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