Introducing Two New Practices

In an ever-changing risk environment and uncertain times, our clients’ operating environment, challenges and communication channels are evolving at an unprecedented pace.

Listening to their needs for on-time, succinct and practical legal advices, and tools, MANGEAT keeps growing and innovating by launching two new practices: Risk Management & Compliance and our General Counsel Desk.

Businesses operate in uncertain and fast changing times, and increasingly regulated environments. Risks could arise at any time, triggering exposure from multiple areas that require a 360° understanding of the Company’s business, legal and operating environment.

Clients also face on-going challenges of reducing the cost of hiring full-time in-house counsels whilst their legal departments are expected to advise on increasing volumes of complex issues and deliver against the Business’ strategic projects and objectives.

Risk Management & Compliance

It is no longer sufficient today for in-house counsels to be able to read the laws; they are expected to provide swift and practical solutions to their companies. In an ever-changing risk environment and uncertain times, companies are facing the on-going challenges to identify, assess, manage and mitigate their risks, and to monitor and ensure compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory provisions.

We counsel our clients on identifying, anticipating, and managing the risks, exposure and compliance within their company’s business operations. Our business acumen and solid knowledge of diversified industries and negotiation strategies enable us to step into our clients’ shoes to help mitigate their business disruption and provide practical advice tailored to their operating environment.

General Counsel Desk

Our General Counsel Desk is a distinct legal discipline that offers a full range of legal services across a broad spectrum of practice areas and legal operations management, providing a cost-effective legal and business-oriented support without the burden of either building or extending a permanent in-house legal team.

We step in as sole counsel to start-ups, small to mid-size companies, and family businesses that require viable legal support options for their day-to-day issues.

We also partner with general counsels and existing in-house legal departments, as their extended team members, to bridge temporary shortfalls or gaps in skilled resources and/or expertise to deliver special projects.

Meet our new Counsel

As of 1 September 2020, My-Hué Tan has joined MANGEAT as a Counsel, as well as Operations Director, working in close collaboration with the firm’s partners. My-Hué leads our General Counsel Desk and our Risk Management & Compliance practice.

“At ease in multi-cultural and cross-functional environments, My-Hué is highly regarded by her business partners and peers for her innovative and strategic thinking, and her ability to manage multiple spheres simultaneously. My-Hué is a great addition to our team and opens new horizons for our firm’s growth strategy” (Grégoire Mangeat, Managing Partner).

Before joining MANGEAT, My-Hué was the Legal Director EMEA – Sector General Counsel to the Corporate Functions & Industrial Sector, and subsequently to the Electrical Sector at Eaton Corporation.

Since joining Eaton in Switzerland in 2009, My-Hué has served in several senior legal positions and as a member of the senior business leadership teams, including the management of the regional legal and corporate secretarial team and operations. In this capacity, she led successfully organisational and operational transformations pertaining to alternative LPO legal services models, the setting-up and management of a legal support office in India, and the management of outside counsels.

We encourage you to visit My-Hué’s profile and to connect with her to learn more about the new practices we introduced in this announcement.

My-Hué Tan’s Profile

My-Hué Tan

Risk Management & Compliance

Pharmaceuticals and healthcare

General Counsel Desk

employment law

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